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REIKI (ray-key) is the Universal Life Force Energy. This life force energy is used to promote the natural healing of the body by balancing the energy centers (chakras). Reiki Attunement Classes open the student's energy center to channel Reiki (the Universal Life Force Energy) from above through the Crown Chakra and out through the hands. Once attuned, the Reiki is channeled for an individual's life time to use.

Reiki Attunement Classes

Reiki Level I

The attunement to the Reiki energy (Universal Life Force) is a spiritual process. During class, the Reiki Master initiates the student to Reiki and the palm chakras are opened. The Student will be a channel for Reiki energy for life. After the attunement, ample time is provided to practice giving treatments. The student then becomes a Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Level II

The student is attuned to Three Sacred Reiki Symbols:
A Power Symbol, a Mental/Emotional Symbol and
a Distant Symbol. The distant symbol empowers a student to give a Reiki treatment at a distance. It also permits Reiki to be sent into the past to soften a situation in the present. One may send Reiki to an important meeting or job interview to meet you when you get there. Time and space do not limit the use of Reiki.

Advanced Reiki

A student is attuned to one Master Symbol. This class prepares you for the Reiki III Master Level class.

Reiki III Master

The Reiki III Master Level attunes the student to pass the attunement process on to others. The Reiki III Master Level may be obtained solely for self spiritual progression.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki Master consists of two attunements. Karuna Reiki is a higher vibratory frequency. The benefit generated from the use of Karuna Reiki is infinite. Karuna Reiki is also a tool to remove collected baggage from within which holds us in bondage of the self. It gently removes the excess to create more space inside for us to be who we truly are. Karuna Reiki is a catalyst to free one's heart to live and love in peace.

May all of us know true Freedom in this Lifetime.

With Divine Love, Healing & Peace,